The Channel House



About Us

Nestled in the Oregon Coast's magnificent scenery, Channel House combines the comforts of a first-class hotel with the congeniality of a small country Inn. Imagine fresh ocean breezes, sweeping panoramic views, powerful surf, truly unbelievable sunsets and whales within a stone's throw. Perched on an oceanfront bluff, guestrooms have an understated natural elegance and contemporary decor, including whirlpools on oceanfront decks and gas fireplaces.

Rated #1 in Oregon Coast Lodging. Whether you're in the mood for a secluded romantic weekend or a fun-filled week, the Channel House can provide you with the perfect setting for your next getaway.

All units have private baths, phone and cable television. A new addition to our services is a Wi-Fi hotspot. Also included is a continental breakfast for two in the spectacular setting of our breakfast room overlooking the entrance to the Channel and the Pacific Ocean.

In addition to our standard rooms and suites, we offer a variety of packages to enhance your visit to the Channel House.


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